Sunday Slant

By Sumeru Raut

Weekly musings and other such nonsense; with interesting links.

Weekly musings and other such nonsense; with interesting links.

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😐 50th Issue

yeah. whatevers.


🦠 I got the damn bug

Corona... extra.


🎉 Annual letter: 2021

Looking back and looking forward


🎄Merry Mary Marry... X'mas

Season's greetings!


🍟 Stop eating social media

...and once you do, teach me too.


🙏🏽 Namami Umami

Food + Love the whole square


Contradictions are the spice of life

Hi Friend,How is the onset of winter looking? Are you excited?! Good.I've been married for ten days now. I'm happy to confirm it still seems like a good idea. I went to the courthouse two days ago to collect my marriage certificate and the lady at the desk as…


👀 Did I get married this week?



A non-issue

I have nothing to share this week


💔Appu, fare thee well

...gone too soon.


🤔 Getting inspired endlessly

And other such mental conditions.


⭕️ Self-critical loop

Hello friend,Hope you're having a great start to the week. The past three days have been a bit of a struggle for me. I started with the noble intention of covering a song. I spent an entire day learning parts of it, figuring out the arrangement and trying to …


😭Why did I discover Elliott Smith so late?

Hello friend-person,I'm sorry for these delays with Sunday Slant. I think I'll just stop apologising henceforth, since I seem to delay every third week. I hope you keep reading regardless. There's always some reason or the other; this time it was a jostle bet…


🍛 Butternut squash and Avarekalu

Hello friend,How has this week been for you?My newsletter goes to 70 readers and about 25-30 of them read every issue of Sunday Slant without fail; I don't know what's wrong with them. (Yes, you.) And I also have people write to me often and tell me how they …


🚊 Why is life moving so fast?

Hello,What the hell is up?The other day I walked into a store and saw two people yell at each other as they worked a photocopier. Just as I retreated and thought a full blown fight was in the offing, Sara put her arm around me reassuringly and said—"They're c…


'Doing something' vs. 'being someone'?

Hello friend,How has this week been for you? I've been having a great time, I'm afraid. Sara and I drove up to her parents house for some quality time with family. We passed through seven states and it was the farthest I've traveled in a car in ten hours. Sar…


🦌 Go take a hike

Hello friend,How are you? Good? Good.I'd like to start on a light note... by quoting Nietzche:Never trust a thought that didn't come by walking.


🥴 Nursing a hangover

Dear Homo Sapien,Enough is enough. Starting next Sunday, I will send my newsletter at 9.30am (IST) or 12:00 am (EST). My travelling has come to a halt. I have no excuse to not stick to a schedule. So, here I am today, earlier than usual in your inbox, inching…


🤪 Immigration, Vaccine and DDLJ

Dear reader,Firstly and foremostly, hi. If you missed my last issue that I sent out three days ago, please read it here; I've gone on and on and on... nothing new there.Secondly, I changed my WhatsApp number back to what it originally was—my oldest phone numb…


🇺🇸 Hello, coming to America

Hello friends,I’m writing this issue from thirty thousand feet above the earth, sitting in a chair in the sky. Clouds are beneath me, as they tend to be on planes. There’s a man rocking a restless baby in the aisle—oh, it’s a dog. The flight attendant is anno…